Another way to increase your creativity : Do collaboration with bloggers – Featured “What Designers Need To Know About Working with Bloggers”

Collaboration with bloggersThe rise of #coworking has come. Benjamin Dyett, co-founder of Grind, a coworking space in New York and Chicago said in the Huffington Post (26 October 2015) that “In the future, coworking will become mainstream. New workers don’t want to work for a company, they want to be a part of a community. I never got good business advice from my dog… that’s why people pay the money to be part of a coworking community.”

This is all about coworking, sharing and collaborating with your peers. The Creative Recipe mission is to bring into one unique place people to drive your creativity and your business all the way to the top.

We do believe that bloggers bring the Creative Industry to the next level – especially with Fashion – and a coworking space as a third place looks like the perfect place to start it.

See what Nicole GIORDANO from Startup Fashion has to say about fashion designers coworking with bloggers :

What Designers Need To Know About Working with Bloggers.

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